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Kill Me V2 Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Kill Me V2 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]
I don't want with no lying ho
What she know about now
My whole school wanna burn me down
I wanna burn my whole school down
I been had a dream for about five week now
I got eight classes, got a bunch of ho ass teachers
No, none of 'em support my passion
Rap ain't talent, rap ain't talent
Rap rap rap, rap ain't talent
Yea yo, that rap ain't talent
I'mma be the best motherfucking thing that happened
To the whole world, hole in the wall
Ho twerking all on the wall
How the fuck did I end up in Jah Jah
Got a brand new bag and [?]
You waited for that motherfucker, two segal
Soon one of you niggas gonna tick me off
Please flick me off
I'mma run up in the principal's office and have a wife just beat me off
Y'all eat my salad like I'm six years old
Like motherfucker lick my toe
My school summoned something they can't control
Seventeen years old, middle finger to your soul

[Hook: Kevin Abstract]
I'm gonna burn this bitch down
My life keeps turning round
Kill me
Kill me
Kill me
Fucking kill me
Kill me
Kill me
Kill me
Fucking kill me

[Verse 2: Kevin Abstract]
Don't worry if I'm cold or not
You ain't bring the pot now
I'm standing in the parking lot
My hands are freezing, season's hot
Jesus need to see the boy
'Fore I break out that niner, boy
Changing for no reason, boy
My principal gon' kill me
My teacher said ain't no skipping, boy
But I'mma skip the fucking knife and grab the heater, leave a boy-
On the ground bleeding boy
I'm screaming, boy
Killing for no reason boy
See what the fuck done happened when you left me with them negros, boy
Kill em boy

Kill 'em then I wrap em up
Fuck you think I'm rapping for
Making fucking classics for it, this ain't no fucking album cuh
Walking down the halls and shit, I am too advent for this
You are too advent for this, all of us too advent for this

Red on the wall, burning motherfuckers down
See me winging shit for now, In case I gotta get loud
Ya'll know why we have it now
Quit playing with your time
Put the Glock to my dome
See me, see me, see me, gone


[Verse 3: Ameer Vann]
It's just that simple
Bought a black trench coat
Started blasting rounds into crowds of students
Counted truant, but I wasn't
Smoking blunts, I was discussing with the devil
If I do it, would you love me more
Cut into these fucking whores
With them hollow points that I was looking for
Satisfy this thirst for gore
Lead is tearing through their fucking lungs
As my hatred bubbles up
I grab a gun, attach a drum and have some fun with guts and blood
Snap, now I'm the coldest kid
Mrs. Teacher bitch, you about to get your throat unzipped
What's worse than the lonely kid with more loads of loaded clips than friends
No common sense and half of mine to tear you all to strips
I'm off the shits
I don't even feel compassion
I'mma tell you fuckers now you ain't gon' make it to your classes
Kicked in the door and started blastin'
Everbody's screaming, nobody knowing what's happenin'
And then this tec reminds me
The cops and feds won't find me
If I press it to my fucking head
Taste a bit of searing lead
I wonder how the cops decide to handle suicides, G

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