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Heavier Than Heaven Lyrics

Kevin Abstract – Heavier Than Heaven Lyrics

If I count my drinks
I hope I win
Lay me down to sleep
Won't dream, again
Please don't follow me
Can't be, no more
No more
For me

Can you pray for me?
Can you pray?
Can you wait for me?

Waitin' all day by the window
And by my window [?]
You know me
You know where I be
And if a lame ass nigga wanna try me
He can try me
Boy I swear to god he want to [?] me on my dream
[?] me of my dream

Don't let him know we try too [?]

Fightin' till you in the nation
My dentist [?] awake
I don't care for reputation
I'm riding' till the night is day
I don't really care if your [?]
I don't care [?]

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