360 Tune Up By Kazeloon
Verse 1. Tune it up Looney Tune Drums marching to the sound of a clismatic triumph nobody dies young they carry on to the next one where it's more better then this life that has not begun 360 spin spitting the degrees two times 180 double troubl big six big bitch to get out of the Trapstars spiderweb ride to the death with the west click touch it then bling immortal crest like the clean green mint scent of a newborn Jesus breathe next turn burn in the belly of the beasts worm tremors at the bottom of the Sebor bottle swallow then glow honor insane Wormwood fathers bringing a new day a new tommorrow sayanora to any apalas no Paula I Abdul fools in crude spools spin so rude there soon to be news choose the prude for what they get creased out like piece of shit prunes clense my crew with real rules that fall under the realest tools gorilla glue your view to the illest tube when you do Looney Tune smoking fools rolled up in Acme Acres blunt tubes boob tube leakers like ears to lean speakers bump it up get hits Virool die die die stool sit on you shit on you my rearview the future view if only you knew fool 360 Tune Up get Glued Up stuck in muck mire and marsh squash with fire the marks then spark up the real fire with the Bleakwood bark spark the start get it cherried then marry Mary Jane no doe do do smoke with cocoa rose got a nigga on Thai Mode night vision Tiger Locs see thru the evil souls of mankind one shot blind no need for da Moonlodge Moonshine Tycoon Vanderbills get it hard dark like coon a Dean ask Koontz points proved when I soothe the ooze in my mini mak use abuse the Golden Goose pluck feathers toss them in the hurricane weather turn the eye red dot spot L. A Homicide Report Tops but only killing the bad with thoughts unwise lops get got by trained thoughts of Trainspot X marks the Pirate spot dug up or forgot fake burial plots for scary foes that plot fools gold no monte cristo fill up 24-7 oceans with Crisco mixed with Alize & Crystal Thug Passion spit to slick & greasey Loc I go where the Davey Jones don't go & beyond Nemo need Keymo stressing getting cancer how I get forgotten 7 Seas Gold Carribean Souls in my tropical juicy fruit bubble smoke coke & rum I fear none like the broke & dumb the Locs that are young the punks to the butt the pun is none never knew a Nun that wasn't for none
Verse 2. 360 Limelight twist in my wrist glist sui nick shit best fits wit the richest envy the skin tight like pigment Ima Pig Man more like Bosshog all 4 loss gone I topple they Apostles I'm hanging by Gods rope I tight rope choke foes tryna tip toe crip toe with this real skitzo spit sick anti Risperidol rest scary balls no need for those no war just the score times galore por out the rich drank for the poor writers block we stop ink blots turn into mink smocks & pink rocks bling God and Lean Spots we shrink stocks by the Kraftsman cheese block that's why the Hoodrats flock by the block turn them into Winderella 360 Tune Up Cinderella see thru glass slipper fools get used & abused in my Kraftmans set of tools but not my Trues we do what we do to get twisted & screwed but no pun don't get it construed because my Cloud-9 Lunatec rules every crew with reppable fools old news for the boys in blue passing out food for thought jewels to my crew in the Concrete Metal Jungle Zoo no hold bars but I hold all the bars like El Camino Cheverlot on 1st & Atlantic holds cars best deals by far selling spaceships from a far so it seems Alien Vietnam you know what I mean lean ela-Mp 213x323
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360 Tune Up Lyrics

KazeLoon – 360 Tune Up Lyrics