Another Anthem By Kazeloon Prod. By Czheck Productions
Verse 1. I'm greasy like some Bergamont-Ima greedy nigga I want all you got-cuz the hunger for more don't stop-my game greasy like Blue Magic-like the Lakers #32 I know Magic-like Danny Ainge-I got range-like Larry Bird for 3-with the 30/30-my Hood eternal on I fill up the Sandman's Hourglass with the Turf Derrty Ferrty-I been regarded the hardest artist-way before the music industry started-with my John Henry Sledge Hammer -I'm nailing Virgin Mary hoes-we G-Code no grammer-you player haters ain't being what Deborah Cox sang-you ain't being a man about it you being a bitch thang-Prison is a mind game designed for you to lose-because it's designed by Killers with noting to lose-Prisoners reinforce the rules-with tools-and utilize other prisoners as tools-don't be fooled-by what you think is the truth-trust me I know I done seen it all with my on eyes that's the proof-some get abused-while others use-but in reality everybody lose-that's the number one rule-because while the world keeps spinning while we all snooze-Ima Cold World Penguin king-Crosby is me-you already know the blizzard on the Eastcoast-that keeps the highway closed-that's my icy wrist covered in snow-my Wifees pusy so good we had to be married in the past life-she got me nutting faster then the Fast Life-I'm like Ezel addicted to her cracc 4 life-I'm like Eazy-E-P. O. D-Pussy Over Dose-passed out on the floor-wealwayz turn it up like songs that need to be mastered still-I got mass appeal-got my peoples from the L. And the real-feeling me like caps of peel-dirty rats get dealed-
Verse 2. I cut Jive Turkey's gizzards-with Edward Scissors-I spit the coldest Northeast Blizzard-I spit so evil never heard of Wes Craven- got Freddy praying to god to save him-I'm from the Eastside Low Bottoms who can blame me-who I'm in the Hood I'm sporting Jared's and Kay Jewelar's ya bitch-in Beverly Hills it's Cartier and Jacob on the glist-my bitch got the Timbos-with the steele toes-tight jeans-she make the night gleam-on some Spike Lee-cuz she shaking it like it's the Right Thing-she make the elastic never stop-when she makes the rubberband pop-like my Trouble Man glocks-the Trouble land is what I cock-the Hustle Land is what I clock-just like them Bubble Gum Packs that stay 4ever on pop-call me the Bubble Yum Bubble Gum Don-I'm the Hostess King-I get all the Hostess Cream-I got all the hoes call me the Crispy Cream King-call me Mr. C. C. K-it's eazy for me to get paid-I'm blowing Rainbow Treezy's with the baddest breezy dames-my shit so potent one wiff it's bleeding yo brain-hemmoraging till you Insane-I can't breathe without inhale Mary Jane-I can't eat unless I digest the Game-I spit every paint-in every frame-I'm flying high thru the city-like Spiderman in my hands always the sticky icky-Original Trapstar Web Slinging for the Westside-leaving enemies trapped in my sticky silky strings 4 life-
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Another Anthem Lyrics

KazeLoon – Another Anthem Lyrics