Angels by kazeloon
These haters are the blacc birds covered in oil or under the nader tar pits-We the golden angels on wings blessed with god's gift-Like when I make da big gangsta trap beat-With the fruit loops banana congo drum all in her kidneys-I had so many people feelin my san andreas project-They flooded missouri and the mississippi with my river crest on deck-Niggaz ain't got no loyalty like in this music shit-They collab with anybody just to get they whistle wet-Like rats jumping ship-They ain't no loyalty in that shit-These rappers is dumb as fucc on da real-People been locced up on welfare status jaccing off ya feel-They don't wanna hear about how many diamonds in your grill-And how many mills-You paid for the car and teeth grills-Prison is like mafia military if you fucc up your the potatoe that gets peeled-You gotta be like A robot fall in line or get killed-Or drilled with steele-You can't be A gremlin in the machine works-You gotta keep it moving in formation or eat dirt-You hoarding rats filled with maggots-Doing bad I'm doin good straight just ask the faggots-That was locced up with me upstate to downstate-I'm your favorite big booty mta's-Number 1 fantasy-She want me to bust her eye-So she can sign herself up for sick call thanks to my pipe-She want work relief-So she can quit and write to me-And be wifey-They almost did twice-But I'm too fine-So they was too shy-What A plesant surprise look what the the pussy cats being chased by the L-Dogs dragged in-Opposite of cholos chasing the blacc dragon-I put A bullet in ya like juice-But you won't be coming bacc in bullet fool-No pac and fatboy part two-I bang that "I" to the last tank-Roll wit it to the last drank-The bitches that are bisexual hop-Like bis plus hop-They still love my bishop-I got the juice to the last drop-A artist wil take forever to make one track perfect-I'll spit A freestyle in 5 minutes and it will be A masterpiece on god's forever surface-They wait for trains on the traccs to blast-Kamilean camoflague I wait for the big trains on the track then I blast-Mak 11 flash-Took out all the big names in rap-And put them in my sky is falling trap-I teach A bitch how to succ it slow-If she got that cone head on point I avoid her like it's A orang obstacle cone-Why cuz she A super hoe-I turn them angel girls into horny devils-I be A lion like leonardo revenant-As A pawnee fall off the cliff-Emerge as A bishop king-Get bacc the traders that left me dead like makaveli-Eye for an eye tooth for A tooth-Stomach wound for A stomach wound-Leave him to the hyenas A. K. A the indians washed up down the river in the end-Like the lion king remove the scars to be the real scarface G-O-D-Being A captain does pay off in the end-Save A life and duck death-Like the indian girl powaqa with the tat on her face that posted up in the end-I'm unbreakable like hugh glass-Look how the grizzly bear bullets and arrows missed my ass-I punked them like michael I put them as every victim in my novel of revenge-I'm the westside man in the wilderness-I gotta be the way I do it for the set-On da left-
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Angels Lyrics

KazeLoon – Angels Lyrics