The choices I have made
They dictate the life I lead
Firmly entangled
Why can't life leave me be

This life is hard work
With every battle beaten twice
Day in, day out
Hope to defeat life, get a little more wise

Hard work,
Life is searching art work
You only have to live life
To meet the world in which we feel it's

Hard work
Nothing's coming up
There's no magic in the air
Silence surrounds me
With nobody left to care

I only want tot rest
No thinking what will be
Just trust the good times
Leaving the past behind me, in the waves of the sea

Chorus repeat

Just walk through life
Don't even think twice
Hear your heart beating clockwise
Or you're gonna have to pay it's price
Don't be controlled by the
Hard work

Chorus repeat
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Hard Work Lyrics

Kayak – Hard Work Lyrics