A worried look is in your violet eyes
What made him go, I guess you'll never know why
Questions unanswered, words were echoing inside
Now your love has been denied
My fragile rose
The longing grows
To hold you close

You want my advice, but I will not interfere
You're always around, though still unreachably near
Courage has failed me, for I want to turn and run
When your eyes reflect the sun
Standing there
Of how I care

Now he's gone
Is it wrong
Even selfish to stay
All along
I have known
Things would turn out this way
And I'd understand
If we'd just stay friends

Something about you tells me it's not the same
The magic returns whenever you call my name
Tranquil but glowing, you're like a distant star
I'll show you my feelings now that we've come this far
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Now That We've Come This Far Lyrics

Kayak – Now That We've Come This Far Lyrics