Here's to children without youth forced to carry out a
To the fragile and abused
Here's to greed and blind ambition

Little soldiers firing guns tiny fingers pull the
Here's to every mother's son
Carry on, carry on...

Here's to children, small and frail driven by the grand
To be a hero for a day
Isn't life one big delusion?

Here's to angels on the run selling their bodies for
Here's to the innocent and young

Carry on, carry on...

Is it worth the sacrifice?
All the trials and tribulations
Don't let the child inside you die
Carry on, carry on...

Carry on boy and stay true to your heart
Never let the real world get you down
Hold your head up high
Carry on boy, carry on

Carry on boy to the beat of the drum
Let the rythm move your inner ground
Make your spirits fly
Carry on boy, carry on...
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Carry On Boy Lyrics

Kayak – Carry On Boy Lyrics