[Words & Music by: Julianne Tarroja]

Watching you across the room
Hoping you would catch my eye
Don't you know it's to you
I wanna give this smile to

[Verse 2:]
You go to and fro
And it amazes me
How your mere pressence here
Awakens something inside of me

Still I keep it to myself
But I can't help but wonder
What all this could bring
Holding on the my seat
As I watch it all begin
Might be falling head over heels

Coz you bring out the queen in me
When your around
Don't wanna be scared of the
Possibility that
Something beautiful
Could be found

[Verse 3:]
Coz I've been waiting for somebody like you
To come my way
And I've been on my knees
Asking if this is all ok

[Verse 4]
I don't wanna get ahead
Of myself again
Throwing too much in the air
Making sure that He puts
The pieces together
Coz I know I'm being prepared
For the right time
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Queen In Me Lyrics

Julianne – Queen In Me Lyrics