Verse 1

This seems impossible for me
I don't know how it's gonna be with me
Lately it's hard to keep
From struggling from within
I try to hold on
Keep my knees from giving in


And You know it gets confusing
When fear starts knocking on my door
And You know I'm scared of losing
There is war within my soul


Coz You are the giver of all good things
You are my Father, the King of kings
And it's foolishness I know
Why so downcast oh my soul?
I will put my Hope in You
Even if I can't see

Hold me fast
Hold me still
Hold me steady

Verse 2

All my hopes and dreams
Just seem so far away
Maybe just maybe
I've been wanting my own way
I've been so so scared of
Being wrong about all this
But the truth is
I don't' really know any better anyway

Refrain 2

And You know it gets frustratin
I know only You can make me whole
And I'm tired of even trying
I surrender all control
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Impossiblity Lyrics

Julianne – Impossiblity Lyrics