I've been in and out of the light
Struggling from the fight
Vaguely tracing your footsteps
On the sand

[Verse 2:]
Blinded by the things
I thought that life could bring
Lost in expectations

I know that life is a choice we make
Right or wrong
Give or take
It's only either way
But to choose the Lord is all that
Matters to me
And oh, He promises serenity
For those who

Choose to love
Choose to live
Choose to forgive
Wipe away my eyes
So I can see the way
You paved for me
Breathe choose to sing
And all of the beauty that You bring
But most of all
I choose to believe

[Verse 3:]
I've been searching in
All the wrong places
When all of the answers
Were right in front of me

[Verse 4]
I needed my tears to see You clearly
I needed my pain to feel You near me
Rescue me
I know You can and you will
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Choose To Believe Lyrics

Julianne – Choose To Believe Lyrics