Wake up Suzie and fry some eggs for me;
The factory won’t wait.
Our bed was cold on us, but you were bold on us,
Now I’m already late;
Already late.

I was bold too when in Afghanistan
It all came crashing down.
You say I’ve changed so much; now we’re out of touch,
‘cause I carry it around;
Carry it around.

Maybe I’ll go to Jack and when I’m back on track
I’ll find us a new place.
You’re so cold to me, Suzie please hold me
Save me from disgrace;
Save me from disgrace.

I hear the train roll down and the whistle blows.
Every time that sound rings out she knows.

And I believe my demons will recoil,
Because my feet are set on American soil.

I was drafted in Calhoun ‘cause I was led to.
Should have listened to my dad back in Waipahu.
“Son you’ll go crazy and get the sack,
So you’d better watch your back;
The army pays your dues but she don’t own you.”

Now I’m fixed inside this dire situation.
Bogged down in an endless conversation.
She says I can’t get things right,
‘cause I don’t sleep at night.
She busts my chops she’s got me on probation.

Still I’m holding back to call my girl a phoney.
But I hurt so bad each time she spills her woes on me.
Every time a bullet hits
When she tells me I’m the pits;
Suzie try to love not to own me.
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Suzie Lyrics

John Tasco – Suzie Lyrics