So I let you down on Mean Street
And betrayed you on-the-go.
Saw the light and you got queasy.
Well I just don’t wanna know.

Better hold on to your photograph;
‘cause it proves that you are right.
You’re the mother of invention,
And I messed up your whole life.

You were skating down your highway
And it’s me who cut your curve.
You say we’re going down the bye way,
So it’s bye bye little girl,
Bye bye big old world.

I don’t know where you went wrong.
You think that kings can play their song
On and on.

Like a brand new set of wheels,
You’re the King of Conviction.
You got trapped inside your deals.
But everybody sees
The lies a king believes.
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King Of Conviction Lyrics

John Tasco – King Of Conviction Lyrics