Caught you rattling down my wire
And my head is in a spin.
I’m on a streetcar named Desire;
But I can’t get in.

Baby lead me to salvation.
Let the show begin.
Take me down route fornication:
To the Carnival of Sin.

And I’m doing all the numbers
On any girl I used to know.
But I just can’t seem to get
To where I wanna go.

So you think it’s California.
Can’t you see the state I’m in?
Babe charge up my Mack and roll me out
To the Carnival of Sin.

Please let me in.
Please let me in.
Open the door to your heavenly Church of Sin.

You’re the target in my sight;
But you rail against my wink.
I can tell you catch my eye,
Still you won’t give in.

Hate to lay it on the table
But I stray on loads of gin.
Why won’t you answer to my cable
On the Carnival of Sin?
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Carnival Of Sin Lyrics

John Tasco – Carnival Of Sin Lyrics