First today on your tv news
Death and violence and negative news
It's such a waste of our time

Yesterday, y'know, they were so "it"
Now they're just taking hit after hit
And it's so fun tearing them down

'Cause Misery and Company are best friends today
Misery and Company hang out
You see it happen every day
We choose keepin' true happiness away
So Misery and Company hang out!

If all this negativity wasn't free
Would there be much of it in you or me?
Something tells me that's... A negative!

I love, trust and respect you, you had said to me
Except manipulation's where you'd rather be
My head's shakin' time after time

Repeat chorus

We say we want a better way
Then we choose the "same old" every day
Before we know it, fear takes control
Let it go
Let it go then grow

Repeat chorus
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Misery And Company Lyrics

Jim Stevens – Misery And Company Lyrics