Where do you run to
And how much does it take?
Is life passing by you?
What really is at stake?
Are you stressin' and negative?
Are your future plans at stake?
Does the past creep up on you?
Well, forget that fiction and give yourself a break!

Live in the moment
A choice is all it takes
Live in this moment now
Relax and concentrate
Live for each moment
Do it, don't just try
Create your world, bit by bit
Through wide, enchanted eyes
Good oie days won't pass you by!

Is there really a problem
In this instant? No, it's fake
All the situations are out there
For you to choose, create

Watch a flower just chillin'
Is that a stress level you could take?
It's always there in the moment
If it could smile that smile would break

Repeat chorus

Past and future are real fine
But they're both just in your mind
So make your feelin's known here and now
'Cause now's the only time

Repeat chorus
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Live In The Moment Lyrics

Jim Stevens – Live In The Moment Lyrics