Ain't no fighter I don't act real tough
I smooth things over if the situation's rough
I don't look for trouble I keep myself
(But) if trouble comes your way I'll be there to help

When push comes to love, you can count on me
When push comes to love, you can count on me

I don't let pressures get the best of me
It never pays to worry –bout powers that be
You could say I-m laid back, I'll take my time
(But) I'll move like lightning if you're ever in a blnd


I'll never abandon you
Or give all your secrets away
I'll see what I promise you through
I want you to realize, for you I wouldn't compromise
It it comes down to choosing from me, I won't ever let you down

I rarely gamble if there's another way out
I'll take the road with the least amount of doubt
I don't take a risk if there's a sure thing
(But) for you I'd roll the dice and risk everything

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Push Comes To Love Lyrics

Jim Stevens – Push Comes To Love Lyrics