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Oochie Wally Freestyle Lyrics

JID – Oochie Wally Freestyle Lyrics

Woopty wop, whatever
Slay I'm really feeling like Lane Kiffen
In your lane switchin'
Flick on the lights, your dame missing
Iraq, my aim dipping
Sex, giving texts, I'm reffin' you fuckin' peasant
I'm present, you fuckin' reffin'
Wait, I'm not a present, my presence is not a gift
More like a gust of wind or a whiff of shit
But I'm clean and I clean the murder scene with a 'Wiffer bitch
Then go and get your bitch on some Stiffler shit
Stiffer dick than your mans
She hate short niggas so she judge me by the height of my pants
'Fore we fuck, flick the light in advance
I don't wanna be surprised in the morning if you frightening 'cause baby girl
Look, I'm ordered by the lord's steps
My cologne's like the lord's breath
The drum on that tommy gun like a constant qu-qu-quartet
Young niggas get mad and you can get your door wet
You can get the whole set
Think about Africa when I see them stores that be buying gold back
Think about slappin' you, actin' like you own capital
Put the whole world on my back, crackin' my clavicles
But it don't really matter
I'm coming back from sabbaticals
Got my nine cocked, Simba standing on pride rock
Poppin' a couple shots at the eye of a cyclops
We don't fight box, put that boy in a pine box
Just call it a time stopper
Fox 5 choppers in the sky
With the chopper, so don't try to play the guy
If you tryna say goodbye
C'est la vie, au revoir
Hasta la, vista and nice to meet ya
That P-90 turn a punk into a pasta pizza
Slice a piece up, get your t-shirt
Your "R.I.P." shirts
Your "should've never tried J.I.D" shirts
The only reason we hurt people, 'cause nigga we hurt
Look at J.I.D, subject leapin', I'm not a lemur
In a Beamer, Willie Beaman
Crack your head like a pecan, or pecan
East side nigga from Bouldercrest to Redan
Staying in my G stance
Sticking to the p-lan, nigga we ain't p-laying
Sitting on my hands, having the world at my feet
One foot in your ass while the other straddles the street
Saddle my steed like it's 1873
But I got a weapon with me and I'm ready to eat
Metal to meet to settle the beef
You got a vendetta with me?
Niggas get dragged like Edelman in a cover three
I'm on your bitch ass, Baretta hit him, he fell asleep
You such a sick ass, I did it nigga, you tellin' me
Intellegently though
So for the bills he might Belichick you bro
We in the field if I recollect correct, with hella debt and neck to neck
Better yet, get a TEC for disrespect
Ready set go, steady and slow, let it explode
Eyes on the road, they looking for niggas like me and you
Scared of the future, scared of what we can do
I jumped off the stoop before two
Shit I jumped off the roof with those dudes
Mama asked if they did it what is you gon' do?
Drop with a parachute
Gotta get the guap, keep the pots full of kallalou
I'm gon' shine, but what's lights to a caribou
Got my nine while you niggas been backstabbing you
I'ma skedaddle, watch your life crackle
You a trip on the gravel, I done added up every atom in the sets to compatibles
Manifested an antidote and a flow that can catapult me out of Atlanta
Pour a four in my Fanta
Please excuse my manners, crack a smile for the cameras
Tie my bandana up, swag my stance a lil
Sag my pants a lil
Just took a trip to my city, it's a landfill
Not even on camera, you can get hit with the handheld
Dropped at a standstill, left that man ill
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