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Respect My Conglomerate Lyrics

JID – Respect My Conglomerate Lyrics

Hold on Jack Swain
I forgot the most important shout out, Jack Swain
Shout out to this mother fucking money we about to make, god damn
Shout out to all this guala guala stupid dollar bills we about to make, god damn
Shout out to everything we doing, you feel me?
This J.I.D, wag effortless
Shout out Tay James
Shout out to god damn my brother
Shout out to everybody I fuck with
If I don't fuck with you then fuck you
That shit recording? Alright

’Cause my True Religion jeans look better with the holster
And I'ma show you mine if you get any closer
Eastside soldier, big blunt roller
Introduction to me, can you scoot the fuck over
Elbow room, please
Grab the Glock, squeeze
Sorry did I sneeze, wipe it on my sleeve
Motherfucker, I'm me to the death
And the game was slowed up, so we had to kill the ref
Choke him with his own whistle right after he take a breath
I’m the shit, cook it up, I'm the chef, believe that
'Cause see that the green stacks in the safe
And If you fuck with me, I'ma have to go Planet of the Apes
King Kong shit
Murder you then smoke out of my green bong, shit
Cut off your dick, your balls for ping pong shit
But we on shit, stacks on stacks
And if my mixtape, it's gone be stacks on that
And if that don't go well, we can come up with some tracks
And if all else fails, nigga crack on tax
Straight up, yo me and [?] been had our weight up
I'm always doing work in my LV gators
Keep the AK in the trench for the haters
You talk shit now, your ass sure will die later
You feel me? You feel me?
Pull up with the semi, I pull up in a semi
I pull up and they hear me, then leave in a Bently
I don't think they feel me and I don’t think they hear me
They tried to offend me and now I’m full of Remy
My temper [?]
Quick, quick with the grand slam
Bitch, I'm Kenny Lofton
Oprah the flow, why does he keep talking?
I call my heat often
Or in, my case the money comes often
Listen up, pay attention, I’m talking
So listen up, pay attention, I'm balling
All over the court
All in the night time, morning keeps talking
I keep talking, I'm hearing
I'm tired of hearing this track
Therefore I’m off it
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