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Throwed Lyrics

JID – Throwed Lyrics

(16th Killer)

[Verse 1: JID]
I was at the lugger club posting, right off 85
Right there by Rock Legion Memorial Drive
I had a long week, now it's the weekend
And that’s how my home was, I feel like drinking
(Grade A, grade A, grade A, grade A, grade A)
Dranking, sniper drunk, hangover and out
So I started with a Heineken before I left my house
Show my ID when I hit the door, door
Then I saw a couple bitches on the floor, floor
(DJ Tay James)
I just rolled up a blunt of some drugs, drugs
And now I'm bout to get a couple mo, mo
Shot of Patron, turned into two
The two turned to three
And three turned to four
Now I'm really feeling geeked
Ever clique was up next
Two choppers going down
I knew I was fucked up, I mixed some X and white with some [Blurred]
Hennessey was into me
I was into Hennessy
And Hennessey brought out my energy
That brought out my enemy
That means I threw up, I threw up
And follow all that throw up with like four cups of some more wet
And I ain’t done yet
Got to hit this perv blunt
And go pop a perc and sip, now I'm really fucked up
Pat told me, "Nigga you ain't riding home alone."
I said, "Fuck, nigga. Fuck you. I'm driving home."
So, so don't try and stop me or I will try and drop heat
Or drop him, or pop him, stop him, from stopping me

[Interlude: JID]
I'm fucked up
God, I'm fucked up
(This is a Tay James exclusive)

[Verse 2: Johnny Venus]
Pregame master, I mastered the ground with Patron
Till I felt it in my bones
And the whites said I got the right leg
We can walk it out
Stanky leg, Harley Brown, whatever man
And the browns said the dick is in my hand
Make my way over to baby girl, standing in her stands
Little Lucy know for a couple of weeks
I been peeping her features
And it's good that you got a man but he ain’t me
Stumbling like AD12C
Say baby, do re we
Can tiptoe out and nobody gonna see
’Cause I'm magic, well at least this drink got me thinking
And your asian curves, baby they make my heart sink
Tell your boyfriend that I grabbed it
Let him get mad then meet the rapid
From the parking lot
Way to throwed to hear him barking
Somebody please tell him I’m playing dominos with the martians
Count them up, that's twenty, five, ten, twenty, thirty
Johnny Venus, I know you motherfuckers heard me
She said, "I hear you baby, we could get familiar"
Get that nigga out the bleacher, come over and let me feel ya
Another shot and some music by Prince
We both was under the influence and I ain't been up since

[Interlude 2: JID]
Fuck my keys at
(Grade A gangsters)
Alright, uh

[Verse 3: JID]
So now I'm running my car, I see a couple hoes
Leaving out the club, I was just at before
I’m riding down the street on I-95, hoes sitting
On the side of the road just throwing up and throwing it
Inside of my car, the car feels dizzy
I mean I feel dizzy and the road look busy
But damn, the road empty
So I'm already tripping and I'm nervous as fuck
But ain't no police come get me
So shorty, I'm just slipping
Pat said don't drive
And I'm surprised that I'm still motherfucking alive
I'm prolly gon' die and end up on Fox five
Or living a lie but it's something if I still survive

[Verse 4: Doctur Dot]
Ok, one day, I'm gon' die
But until that day, Cole say I gotta fuck that guy
Like Pac made him the house
I made it warm in her mouth
Short and stout was the life of those, I'm pouring it out
So to the teeth, I sent them packing
Shoes and ties and glasses
So come through secluded hall
Drop your pockets till your shoes
No money, I'm not a virgin so baby what you got to lose
This Goose will have you busting till I roll and hit your slues
And you wake up in a place that you only in twice before
Tempers throbbing, memories hard and ugly from the night before
You took a sip to clean the club so now you're where you like to go
Come by with that purp and now your life is so kaleidoscope
Would you like some more?
Yeah the porridge is just right, so try the bed
But recognize the grizzly that would Goldilock your legs
So thank the wiser
I get so excited when I know I need my light to blew it
And the Atlantic Fantasy and thanks to EG
And JID man included
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