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Gustav's Revenge Pt. 1 Lyrics

JID – Gustav's Revenge Pt. 1 Lyrics

[Intro: J.I.D]
Come to my garden, it's for you
Euphoria, next level
Uni—[static] and [static]
You can start what you finish
Temptation is simply what you make it
Indulge, please
I want you to indulge
Every thump (everyone's a star)
Will run from your head (every day's the move)
To your toes (everywhere we are)
Close your eyes (you, yeah)
Get away (everyone's a star)
It's for you (every day's the move)
Only you (everywhere we are)
And there's the one thing you cannot forget

I'm just trying to come from under the thumb of this regime
All plans I got a scheme, consulted among kings
Spread my wings, I bleed
I'ma tell you like a nigga told me
I'ma tell you like a nigga told me
Cash rules everything around foolies
So these niggas walkin' around with the uzis
Strapped up, no camera, finisher the movie
Your life is a movie, get it? you stupid
Brother blind, colorblind, you're Doug Flutie
My girl is a newbie, a princess convinced she was sent here for me
Sent here to be, anyways I'ma rip this and eat any pussy MC
Say you are what you eat, ain't no pussy in me
Tell a nigga bye bye 'cause you pussies N-Sync
Don't squint nor blink, better talk 'fore you think
No, think 'fore you talk or the plank you can walk
Like a pirate, Spillville violence
Mushrooms molly, y'all niggas wildin'
Grown man fuck boy, y'all niggas childish
My dick is the bomb like Arabian Saudi
Yeah yeah shawty, you cannot afford it
Let me get back to my blunt and my forty
Pop a two shawty, what it do shawty?
This bitch choosin', who shawty? (who shawty?)
I gotta do what I gotta do and I gotta move how a nigga gotta move, too cool (too cool)
Got bitches like buku, got money like buku, red sip like soowoo
Your flow boo-boo, my shit too
I'm too cool man, shit, ahh, Para Tu

Everyone's a star
Every day's the move
Everywhere we are
For you, yeah
Everyone's a star
Every day's the move
Everywhere we are
For you
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