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TV Repair Lyrics

Jerky Boys – TV Repair Lyrics

Receiver: Good afternoon, who is speaking?
Kissel: Alright, i'll put the small talk I got a tv from your daddy from today. I sent one of these Mexican kids in. He brings a box to me and it ain't working! He's trying to fix it now!
Are: Why do you always have to scream I can't even hear...
K: I can't hear I got a bomb that blew up me box of ww Toll I can't hear nothing.
Are: Okay.
K: He's working on the tv now.
Are: Who is the salesman?
K: I don't know a little fella there. Hey!
Pico: (talking to Kissel in background) There ain't no future, I'm sure nothing's gonna pitch 'em!
K: Pico, I'm talking to the man!
Are: What tv was it?
K: I don't know it's one of those Japanese tvs I don't know where the hell... Can you help me fix this thing? Hello?
(noise in background that sounds like the tv, the other receiver approaches)
Receiver 2: Hello, my name is Robert. How can I help you?
K: Hello?
Are: Hello?
K: What happenend to the other guy?
Are: Excuse me?
K: I was speaking to a guy he put me on hold. I bought a tv and that think's busting up on something.
Are: Okay, you have a what?
K: I sent a mexican kid to pick it up he's trying to work on it now. I can't do nothing I'm sitting down on one of them wheelchairs.
Are: Right, now what kind of tv is it?
P: You're forgetting the box that's all you got in damn pee!
K: Shut up! I'm talking to the guy!
Are: What kind of tv is it?
K: The kind of tv you watch some call.
P: Where do you want me to put this one?
K: He wants to fix the back of it, what should I do? I can't do nothing I don't know nothing without by reading glasses. Because, everytime he's trying to fix it in the back something keeps hopping in with the picture.
Are: I-I I don't understand what's going on.
K: I bought a tv and it has a working problem!
P: He's trying to put it with the blow on!
K: Don't touch nothing in the back before I go! (screams by getting electrocuted, but he's still alive) What are you doing? He's burning he's burning down the house with that tv what should he be touching the back?
Are: Nothing. Nobody should be touching anything.
K: You said, you said he should be touching in the back?
P: He's playing around with that that ruler.
K: Touch it in the back the guy said touch it in the back.
Are: No, don't touch anything.
K: He said (Pico screams and gets electrocuted this time) Ah! Ah!
P: I think I'm blind!
K: Ah, see now his are all smoking now. What the hell are you talking about touching for?
Are: Pull the plug out.
K: He ain't dead yet.
P: I'm trying to pull the plug out. That thing no workin.
K: Hey!
Are: If you do want my help, you have to call me back. Thank you, bye.
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