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Terrorist Pizza Lyrics

Jerky Boys – Terrorist Pizza Lyrics

Pizza Guy: Hello sir?
Customer: Yes, where's yeah?
Pg: Okay, what happened here? Did a couple of your kids threw up?
C: What the?... I get the fuckin' pizza pie 2 ounce later my kid my daughter my wife we all start throwing up everywhere. What kind of pizza are you trying to sell.
Pg: Uh... (the customer tries to talk)
C: The first time I ordered a thing it is making us throw up.
Pg: Okay, listen sir just let me grab this out of the oven i'll write down your name and number.
C: Hey, I'm gonna take you to court what kind of pizza place is this? You came late for one and then you don't give me a repay and then we throw up.
Pg: Sir, I'll write you up I'll send the cupon in the mail.
C: Cupon? My daughter is throwing up I'm gonna take you to court! I'm gonna take you to court!
Pg: Sir you wanna give me a second i'll write this up please? If you want i'll give you a number and you like call it by yourself if you don't believe me.
C: (starts to get angry at him) Shut the fuck up! I'm gonna kill you! You do not read me like this! My daughter's sick, my wife is sick and now you're talking about cupon, what kind of business is this? I'm going to... I'm going to bomb that place what kind of people are you? My friend this is not good business.
Pg: Sir what can I do to make you feel happy?
C: Shut the fuck! I'm gonna kill you motherfucker! My daughter is sick and dying she's throwing up, my wife's throwing up, i'll kill your fucking place you do not give me business like this! You hang up on me, now you give me cupon, what can I do for you sir? (dosen't reply) Shut the fuck up! (dosen't answer) Are you alive? My daughter's sick! (still dosen't) Get on the phone sir!
Pg: Sir what can I do to make... What do you want me to do, should I uh, have you call the main office, sir and pull through them about the hospital bill?
C: Shut the fuck up! I kill you! I kill you! You do not read my people like this. We are dying we are throwing up, you're talking about the cupon and what makes you feel better, look at your fucking food maybe you poison everybody! (he dosen't answer) Shut the fuck up!
Pg: Is there anything else sir?
C: (one last time) Shut the fuck up!
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