A lot of people out there spinning down
Hard as hell to break away from these troubles on the ground
Little children suffering on your street
Who cares if the sky is falling
If you ain't got nothing to eat
The harmonies are threatened now
By the sound of broken hearts
You know they make a lot of money
Trying to tear us all apart

If we sing together
If we dream together
If we can see forever
We can change the world

If we can love each other
Keeping one another
Sisters and brothers
We can change the world

In a little home made boat down by the sea
The old man has the mind to know and the reason to believe
All the riches in this world can't take you home
We hadn't ought to buy these things that we already own
When the dogs of war come running
And they draw down on your faith
We got to light the revolution
We've got to write this everyday

Oh it might sound easy but it's not
You got to fight to be free
Now give it all you got
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Sing Together Lyrics

Jeff Black – Sing Together Lyrics