You brought me up into this world
With your pain with your labor
And after all I put you through
I still felt like your favorite
As you laid me down to sleep
You prayed for me until I learned to speak
If I should die before I wake
You made sure heaven saved a place for me
You did it for me

I am deeper in your debt
For all that you have given
I can only pay you back
With this sweet life I am living
That's the gift I got from you
To live life full and true
Without guilt without regret
I am deeper in your debt

Sometimes as I walk this road
I feel like I am falling
When I need someone to lean upon
That's when I hear you calling
In my dreams I see your face
As you stand with amazing grace
Even through the darkest night
You're always there to she'd some light for me
You're right here with me
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Deeper In Your Debt Lyrics

Jeff Black – Deeper In Your Debt Lyrics