I never thought that I'd be hanging around this damned old town
I always thought the world was flat so I just kinds hung around
I got a job but it ain't much sure keeps my feet down on the ground

I was born here I was raised here so I'm bound to be appraised here after
I thought that I was real cool man they missed me at my high school by a
Everything I learned I let it burn with no return in that old fire

Someday I'm gonna draw my own map honey
I'm gonna nail it to the wall
Chart my course dream a lot and save my money
They're gonna miss me when I'm gone
They're gonna miss me when I'm gone

Man if I have to drive this truck around the square one more time I'm going
To bust
Everybody follows everybody around some silly kind of trust
Yeah I've trusted destination long enough it rains a lot I'm going to rust

I sit down in the parking lot of the Hy-vee after midnight and I cried
Yeah that old sorrow's getting to me but tomorrow I still won't be
I'm feeling all unraveled man I throw a lot of gravel when I'm wild

Everyone in town here tells everyone around here what to do
Man I just can't go for that I can't stand for that when they do that can
Well my best thinking has kept me here so I best think of ways that I can
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They're Gonna Miss Me We When I'm Gone Lyrics

Jeff Black – They're Gonna Miss Me We When I'm Gone Lyrics