Traffic is a constant
Up and down the avenue
There is a whisper through the window from the wind
And as the shadows make their way across my neighborhood
The afternoon sets in
I am thinking of the woman
Who loves to lay in the sun
And on who lately time has pulled a trick or two(
She would be the first to say her work is never done
Nothing good comes easy true
I'm a tired old romantic for the good old days
When we survived by feeling closer to the fold
I woke up in a dream I saw your face
I looked up and we were getting older

It's a cakewalk to the patio
In the distance I can hear the radio
Why is it so hard to let things go
God we've got too much to carry now
Let her lay back and let the sun get hot
Bring it on man with all you've got
Paint these blues over with one good shot
And at the speed of light slow things down
Like we're driving through some little town

Now what's this feeling that you hold on to
It's hard to push familiar things away
But if we make into something that makes us feel better
Then that's good enough for me today
I want to take this point in time and hold it
Up to the light so I can see clear through
I want to shape this into something to ease your mind
Now let's don't be confused
We don't ask for much from down here under the gun
Maybe that's been the trouble all along
I want to smile a little more
I want a little less control
I want you to hear this song
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Cakewalk Lyrics

Jeff Black – Cakewalk Lyrics