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Me 2 Lyrics

Jay Rock – Me 2 Lyrics

Yeah, Jay Rock niggas
Watts Finest, Top Dawg ENT
Do it nigga squad
Wassup, I'm feelin this right here
My nigga Punch on the one and twos
Come on, let's go

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Pants still saggin'
Rock red flaggin'
Catch me in the streets
With a red Dodge Magnum
Look, you haters better dodge magnums
I ain't talkin' wagons
When they start blastin'
I'm still hungry, no thoughts of fastin'
Stackin', Rock wanna donut the Aston
Take a bad bitch put coke all in her ass and
Send her on a trip come back with all the cash man
Takin' out them garbage niggas, I'm the trash man
Bitch I'm a father figure, them mothers lackin'
The Nickerson Garden niggas who stop askin'
White t, khakis nigga now that's fashion
Been through that bullshit killer, hear the static
Shotgun pumpin' my mattress for action
On Jackson just clappin'
No actin' you bastard
One shot dillinger killin' ya, you passin'

It's young J-A-Y
Rock, a real stand up guy
And if you see him in the streets ridin' by
Don't be shy, through your sets up high
You was gangbangin', yeah me too
Oh you sold drugs killer, yeah me too
Oh plus you hug triggers, yeah me too
I know, I know, I know, yeah me too

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Men die on Figueroa
Nigga tryin' to pimp a whore
Handcuffin' these hoes is not up in our repertoire
Tryin' to get cheddar boy
Move with the metal toy
Mind playin' tricks on a nigga
Like the Geto Boys
Got what you need, yes indeed, still sellin' boy
Crack next to weed, Bobby Boucher, water boy
Keep the poker on me I ain't talkin' bout [?]
Shit, that'll have your ass screamin' for the ambulance
Bloods and Crips still at war like in Pakistan
Keep a lot of shells on me nigga, like a taco stand
Seen the hardest nigga thinkin' that he macho man
Got his ass crunched down like a nacho, damn
[?] problems my little homies hit 'em up
I ain't talkin' bout beats when they [?] him up
On this rhyme you boy had to switch it up
Jay Rock, Watts Finest, right here pick it up

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