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Plenty Money Lyrics

Jay Rock – Plenty Money Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Straight from the bottom of the gutter
Where we run from undercovers
Like a tiler who don't want to take a nap, my brother
Wavin' for a rap, my brother
I was broke, goin' half on a set, my brother
Twistin' up the purple, call it jelly roll
Incarcerated till I'm faded, let it feed my soul
Daydreamin' 'bout Keyshia Coles
Look to my left, see a rat with a snotty nose
Yeah, that's the type of shit I'm on
This is where I come from, this is where I was rose
But the floors don't got those
Just heroin needles that stick you in your shoe sole
And you can get your shoe stole
Rockin' Jordans like you important, give me those
I want the victory to picture me
I can write or recite scriptures from Timothy

[Hook: Kendrick Lamar]
Dreams of this paper, dreams of this paper
Ridin' 'round with my middle finger up in the scraper
Middle finger up to my motherfuckin' haters
I'm so serious, but I laugh at you later, aye

[Bridge: Jay Rock]
I ain't never lie, I ain't never lie
I ain't never lie, I ain't never lie
I ain't never lie, I ain't never lie
I ain't never lie, I ain't never lie

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
Straight up, this ain't no fuckin' fluke
I got homies right now with choppers on the roof
I got bitches right now with deuces in they boots
Blades in they hair, so if they chop it up with you
That mean literally, they gone chop you up through
Shh, so don't get too comfortable
Like Wayne and Babyface, I'm a fuckin' fool
Got these streets on lock like a (?)
Watch, I'm a Monsoon, Typhon times two
Nine times out of ten I'm ridin' with the rifle
For my rivals plottin' on my arrival
Take a break, I take a AK and a smile
You take a breather, take a ounce of the reefer
Straight to the head, keep the heater, you ain't ether either
Plus, I had the scale like a libra
Weighin' up, but I'm a Aries, so I ram 'em till they buried



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