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Dollars Make Sense Lyrics

Jay Rock – Dollars Make Sense Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Twisted off the herb
Kush got me lifted like some hands up in church
26 inches, sittin' off the curb
Big money make a killin' when I kill 'em with my verbs
But haters wanna talk, tryin' to work my nerves
Pay 'em no mind I just hit 'em where it hurts
The gutter's in my blood, know i came from the dirt
Step up in the place, not a stain on his shirt
Don't try to jack, or things'll get worse
You don't really wanna see this mac 10 emerge
Might be at a bar, drinkin' like a fish
Baby wanna swallow so I might grant her wish
Down, spent a lot of dollars on this fit
Struttin' like a pimp, see the guccis on his kicks
I know the niggas jealous of a kid
That's why I keep them uzis in the whip don't trip

[Hook: Ab-Soul]
Don't make a mothafucker pull the tool out
Or everybody's laid out like a luau
Don't make a nigga make the news now
You fly lookin' for somethin' to shoot down
You niggas think I'm insane (insane)
You think I lost my brain (my brain)
[Glasses Malone]
And I could give a fuck about your whits
Imma tell you like this
Only dollars make sense

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
You niggas better recognize
I can hop out and spray like a sector side
A hundred rounds'll have your whole hood petrified
Pull up, push on niggas for the exercise
It's a chain, why you worried 'bout your necklace size?
Niggas 'round the corner waitin' just to snatch it
Hit you with the ratchets, they do it for the practice
Know a ten year old that'll come and bring you the casket
It's live or die, drinkin' liquor 'till my liver fries
Imma G, you can see through any given eye
On any given Sunday, a nigga sinnin' heavy
In the city with the water, never broke a levy
You mothafuckers ain't ready
I'm hot like the Serengeti, so deadly
Still jealous of a kid
That's why I keep them uzis in the whip don't trip


[Verse 3: Glasses Malone]
I'm 'bout fed up with this rap shit
And Rock the only dude I wanna rap with
Rest of y'all, shit, a nigga wanna scrap with
You bitches lights, camera, action like an actress
Fact is, I'm just tired of directing
Now, when I yell shoot, there's bullets flyin' your direction
Ground covered in blood stains and mac shells
Then I ride off in the cut ti bumpin' mac swells
It's Watts where prop. look is rat tail
Shit, the only thing up is the crack sales
So I invest, stocks in the streets
Let the fans worry 'bout 'em, beach cruisin' get release
You see this water, and this white is my relief
Imma pump, pump, pump 'till my heart cease to beat
I know y'all jealous of a crip
That's why I keep them uzis in the six, don't trip bitch


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