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Can I Roll Lyrics

Jay Rock – Can I Roll Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Rock]
Riding in my Chevy, 66' to be exact
Pussy wet paint, got the rims to match
Old school 'Lac, sitting on the white walls
Pull up, hop out, while she drop drawers
Hol up, take a look at my wheels
They wonder how I fit sixes on a Chevy Chevelle- easy
Got a 454 on the hood
Line it up if your car go fast as it should
Slow it down, hit switches till I'm breaking the frame
In the Regal three wheelin' it, switchin' them lanes
Ain't nothin change but the interior in my Lincoln
Turn on the AC, kush got the whole car stinkin'
High creeping call up in that glass house
Turn on my 4 15's and then I stab out
Bitches love it when the top's down
Jay Rock roll king in my compound

[Hook: Ab-Soul]
I got that 64 rack top
In that glass house
Make the boppers turn they head
Once I pull them Chevy's out
(I'm talkin' [?] wheels)
It's something mental, it's monumental I know
That's why they screaming "Can I Roll?"

[Verse 2: Jay Rock]
On a 105, me and my niggas trailin'
Switching lanes, whippin' that 10 before 7
That's 6:50, hop in the Chevy Silverado
Big Truck driving, big Glocs aside me
2010 'Maro, Radley stripes
180 on the dash chrome on the pipes, yeah
In that challenger I ride like a star
Bad bitch ride shotgun lickin' my balls
She don't want the hotel, she wanna fuck in the car
So we in the backseat while I'm up in her walls, whoa
Don't get it twisted, still dippin the [?]
On vogues, what? Nigga I'm no joke


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
Yeah, young baller on a budget
'Prolly frontin, Rock lemme borrow the Cutlass
I swear the hoes will think I'm stuntin' like the daredevil
You know the real thick ones? Preferably high yellow
I'll bring it back in one piece my nig
Cuz you know what they be sayin' in the streets my nig?
"Them Top Dog mofucka's, they be doin' it big, like
Fuckin' bad bitches, but I ain't that with it!
They better check my statistics
Had the hubcaps missin' on a bucket
Now I pull up to the club in something on sixes
Hop out the back seat, they on my dick in a instant
Like "Can we roll Ab-Soul?", No, "Asshole!"
Ha, and I might be in that old school
With a A-Track still in it, the speakers still kickin'
Like bad breath, who wanna cross paths next?
Pay attention, fresh paint, Altoid, mint-condition
Yeah, Soul!!

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