Tonight nigga
From the?

Stapped by money (lil')
Lil' Zoidberg, Lil' Bender, Lil' Hermes
Cause be love me the sign over me down

718 money, I have no same
Money thang lil' Zoidberg no same
Cause from the? 'em you tomorrow
We can be the?????????? Shoot 'em up
Can't be see now money
Sin money, money & verses

End of war money & verses
The sample used for a beat
Okay, you are the?

So be now that come now
Fly moving details from the hood
My might from the money
Gangsta money & verses
So be the?


Come with me
Stay be a just here
Jump with me
Pray of?

Okay please
Now my money
Mind my money
Shut up, mind my money
From the?

Straight from the lives
Nobody else
Come be stay
He not be straight there
Money & verses?


[Bend:] Yes, be time [Zoid:] I love you sir (4x)
[Bend:] Yes, be time cat you die, but time

Hold from the buff
Puff from the?
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Stapped By Money (Lil') Lyrics

Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Stapped By Money (Lil') Lyrics