You can till' you I should you up
(Should you up) [4x]
I we car you need
Me help you cemetary his gangsta world
Do you evil prevails
Mental to mental you of black night
Say you came and guns
You say need you coming through
Never will say again you a try
Plannin' a nigga say you in hell ak's bang me
You will never you a drive know
Diggin' diggin' all the blood clot makes and asell
You are a born?, makes stupid you fear us you and cemetary
? And house of 9?
Fuck' you
You planet earth, thank you for tune evil of a man of c*** your 9 house of 9
If you a want you if a you and house of 9 you want?
I was born fucking' born
? You a house of 9
Fuck if house of 9 you tellin' as comin' through
So if cathin' your?
Flow like on the?
Grave yard shift you idiot
House of 9 house of 9 house of 9 house of 9
You will never heard again
You will house of 9 once again, house of 9
Horror movie of a house of 9
House of 9, Neckshotz you a place you hell till you mind of a new
Once again and you of a house of 9
? House of 9
For you, dvd is movie of horror movie
Oh shit, bullet to kill
I spill you
Dark with the horror?,?
? Want you tub you
? 'em up of deep?
House of 9, house of 9, house of 9
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Evil Prevails Lyrics

Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Evil Prevails Lyrics