Vic victim vic victim
Kill kill along
[Repeat 8X]

[Verse 1: Bender Rodriguez]
It's Dr. Organ
Go 'yo the ?
I flippin' the bone is crew of blood, fucka don't done
We ? got me
When I get me, the bloody murder
Hah, nightmares you flippin' the ?
Kill again
Victim victim you have ?


[Verse 2: Dr. Zoidberg]
We did of a victim bloody vic victim
Be get you have kill ya
Be the ?
He glasses
No matter
No matter what
Behave no rule
Loc' rule G


[Verse 3: Hermes Conrad]
Flippin' the ?
I can
No matter cemetary
He down with the lies time to go

[Verse 4: Philip J. Fry]
Goin' underground
He underground
No normal he's says you coming to underground
Kill up the car you a dead
Be coming chilling up the day underground
Slashed of the bloody vic' victims yo have come to kill
He the next of coming through the SHUT UP AND LISTEN
Housekeeper now be piles no kill they done
Be blunt up my foolish crazy foolish dude foolish
No mercy give up the bleed
If you psycho
Be blunt down bust me and trap
Poly now to the violating
Put 'em 'yo give up
Never give up
What's the purpose
Never will done
Of kill

Vic victim vic victim
Kill kill along
Kill bloody victim
['till fade]
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Vic' Victim Lyrics

Jason Thugs-M-Futurama – Vic' Victim Lyrics