Smoke trails and old wives' tales whispered in the hills where the west was won
It's been a long time coming can't tell where I start and where I am done
Maybe it's best if we stop thinking
Lately I feel my doubt sinking
You're not sure but my heart is pure and I gotta let you know something

My love is a one way track
We can hop aboard and not look back
My love can hurt or set you free
Just turn a blind eye to reality
My love can
Love is a one way track
Speeding down the rails and I can't turn back
My love can't give you guarantees
Just close your eyes and come with me

I've always been the one lost in a dream when I should've been serious
You've always been the type to hold back even though you were curious
Maybe it's best if we stop drinking
But we can never let the doubt sink in
I'm not sure and it might be the cure but I gotta let you know something


We're too far gone
It's too right to go wrong
So get on board
Whatever you feel you act on
It's a one way track
And no we can't turn back
Headed out straight never hesitate
And I don't have to tell you that

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One Way Track Lyrics

Iration – One Way Track Lyrics