We met at a concert
You were wearing converse
I'm not good at playing it cool
You said I was funny
I spent all my money
Then your friend get thrown in a pool
When we said goodbye
Know that I can't lie
I never thought I'd see you again
That was a mistake and
Now my heart is taken
It's too hard to comprehend

That I'm falling
Hoping that you feel this way too
Said I'm falling
Sitting here waiting for you

Expert of illusion
I just get to use it
Thought I had it all worked out
Love was just a stage name
Watch it as it became
Something I can't live without
Then to my suprise
You opened my eyes
I thought I was empty inside
Now everytime you're near
Stormy skies become clear
Now there's nowhere left to hide

(Chorus 4x)


(Chorus 4x)
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Falling Lyrics

Iration – Falling Lyrics

Songwriters: NELSON KING

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