Dark skies over the avenue
Just another storm you put me through
And though the raindrops hit the ground
Nothing we can do can stop this fire now
Started with a beat from a jealous heart
Grew into the words that pushed our world apart
And now I’m standing out in the cold
Wishing you had heard me when I told you that…

This love will burn away this way
And this love is over when you say
This time and I won’t let go
When the walls come down you’ll know I told you so
This love will burn away this way

I know it’s crazy but I can’t deny
You shot me in the heart with an alibi
I know I’ve been a fool a couple times before
But I was blinded by the fact that I wanted more
Now I confess it’s getting hotter and I’m quite sure
That I can’t make it long enough to find a cure
And even though I hear you begging me to stay
I’m watching our love burn away

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Burn Lyrics

Iration – Burn Lyrics