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Perfect Space Lyrics

Iq – Perfect Space Lyrics

There's nothing like this anywhere
Not a thing compares
All else pales into shade
And here I've stayed
Without evolving and making good before
Aber ell where could I go?
No return, not anymore

Sleepwalking through the rank and file
With a different sense of style
Love and loss led along a crooked mile
Was I resolving?
The die was cast that lost afternoon
Welcome to phases of the moon
Cutting back our chance too soon

Stand up this time, these are my reasons
Your special needs, my speed of life
Falling behind in open ended spaces
Your star will guide you, my undivided one

Life today, can't give it away
So my empire, such as it is, will fade

Stand up this time, these are my reasons
Your special needs, any speed of life
This now becomes where my perfect space is
Your guiding star, my own decision was wrong

And when uncertain times are gone
You're soon in and moving on

Overdressed, keep your best out of earshot
Impressive noise signifying not a whole lot shining someday
No way I could ever know how this happens ever

And the more I save my own skin
So the more I've strayed from within
But I have the feeling
That I'm in a dangerous mood
Break enough like never before
To shake it off
And get without this thing in my head
Remain beautiful, aching inside again

Everything I'm thinking of
Through the years I stayed for love
All directions that lead me
To the places where you are
Not a thing compares
Nothing like this anywhere
I will always stand beside
Your guiding star so bright
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