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The Great Spirit Way Lyrics

Iq – The Great Spirit Way Lyrics

What kills the pain to bring me down
I should face it, spin that wrong thing around
Bring back the sun, get on your feet
Keep that last temptation way out of reach
Out there

Some kinder fool to break the chain
Cut right back until there's nothing in the brain
Once I declined but not enough
Five bells ringing out their song far above
For everyone, for those to come

Night after night along the great spirit way
Try as I might, I don't play fair
This is where I take an eye for an eye
Long lost innocence led you nowhere

Right in the ground like heaven
An underland cavernous place
Never seen neither heard
By the ghosts of Odessa
Now they're done wasting time
With the language of living

Demonstrations in avenues
Dead end granite halls, unwalked corridors
Cold as death, closed canyons
Mined in better days
Undecaying, now on display
Elevation wading through unlit catacombs
All stations abandoned
Longstanding stonewalled planning rooms
Resignations passed in empty space

Contradictions ready made
Reputations not worth their weight
Recollections come what may
I can't let you see me this way
What was broken can surely mend
We can work it out in the end
But if not, then it's not the end
Your distraction is well defended

Like a dead man waking up, not his vision
I will confess, in a heartbeat
I changed my mind
On reflection, I'd settled for less
If tomorrow should come too late
Preparations will go to waste
Wait much longer, I'll lose the taste
Late developer chased it underground
Stay, do or die trying

All the misfits in the world sure to change it
Though they tried rearranging
Good for bad
Still the mad king reigns

Take after me, go right ahead
Just got to be alive here or dead
Fear is the key that strikes from within
Steps undetermined, a place to begin

When the greatest show on earth
Drew the headlines
Life sold out killed the goldmine
Not a chance when the dance is through

All the wisdom in the world
Would have missed it
Odds against, couldn't risk it building up just to stop again
At last alone
I'd make the grade had I stayed alone

If it's all stored in monotone
Voices out of life belong to stone, in history
Sometimes I deny the memory
Make myself remove reality, once for all
What my mantra lacked in radiance
More than made up with experience
Day by day

I can find enough recovery
Still confined in blissful agony
Final time of death, where is your sting?
Make me unbelieve most anything

Played and paraded like a hopeless thing
Made a kaleidoscope of early warnings
Greyed out in photographs
Laid down an understanding
What an ode to pain is medicine
One intense for all
Take enough responsibility
Shaken up for all eternity

Innovation from accidents
Hardworn evidence, dark and permanent
Lowdown breath, stone inventions
Last inheritance
Lone assassin gone, unknown all the way

Designations of elegance
Waiting skeletons line the streets of Odessa
Stand preserving unmarked residents
Not in penance
Last in empty space, last in empty space
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