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Fallout Lyrics

Iq – Fallout Lyrics

Down, unbowed, chased the omen found in the clouds
Drove the highway a thousand miles to catch but a glimpse
Stole a moment from the distance
No other shade of influence would I invite
And I've held tight ever since
Before I could start, I'd made it this far

Time was I knew
Though I couldn't somehow get through
Now I'll never be going back
To what was untrue
All remembrance I'm confided in
The end for us was obvious
And heaven knows I don't need reminding
Beyond the thrones of kings
They sing that love is the thing
Turn away in flames
Have you nothing left to say?

I'm not ready until I make trouble for myself
No non starter loved you harder
Staying hidden, reconsidering
Raised up weightless, made that skyline
Left behind so much wasted time
High from siphoning life from everything
Brought to bear no final reckoning
Wiped the samples from those stupid overfed faces
Another star replaced

Nothing will come from nothing
No matter when
No love will stay unchanneled in any event

Rock still rolling, thrown off kilter
No exceptions, flown in, filtered out
Feels like long nights getting nearer
Then again, I've been wrong before
High from fighting back fires that rise above
Spark ignition, the sky's lit up
When I wasn't here
Blew the stratosphere open
Another starry place

Nothing will come from nothing
No matter when
No love can go unspoken and stay unnamed

Interrogation will bring out the worst in me
These contradictions
They breed bitter guarantees
No intervention
No sleepwalking to attention
In times like these

Anything lost what once belonged
Big in a small pond
Couldn't have ever preyed upon
The life it stole from

And this energy and this casualty
Breaking deep in the heart of me
That intensity's still alive

Once I get outside my head and I'm flying
I can stem the tide ahead without really trying
Talk about the unimpressed perfectionist
If I never get to claim second best
I'll anticipate more than this

Every little oversight tears my world apart
When I can't hold it back anymore
And it's all about the battle
Want to see the first attack
Breaking metal in this century
If it's effective it's justified
The means outweigh the plan

When I get up into space I'm flying
There's no coming down
Keep me so alive
Making my name across the planet lines
Fall outside the light
Hiding when I'm high

From sight unbowed
While the signs inhabit the clouds
Drove the highway a thousand miles
And I caught a glimpse
That stolen moment from the distance
No other shade of influence will I invite
Till I am seen again
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