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Malignant Universe Lyrics

Invidiosus – Malignant Universe Lyrics

Malignant, torn
Abscond from the earth
Rift in time—Reality separates
Regress, sent back;
Return to birth

Within the void, something awakens
Reality of turmoil, soon forsaken

Now opens
The Virulent Eye:
Malign and vengeful

Fatal focus
On sentient life—
Revel in anguish

Stalking interplanetary
Species now will soon be buried
Forever under shadows cast
By entity, depraved and vast

Unleashing hate to those below
Destroying life, no stem shall grow
Malignant spawn of dimensions black
The realm of life, now under attack

Humans—bound to die
Amalgam—consuming and expanding
All too real:
Death is now imminent

Stars burst—explode
The entity absorbs
Tearing through time,
Lifespan—increasingly short

Endure you shall not
Death, the only escape—
Malignant Universe

Slowed, your pulse now ebbs
The demon is fed—

Malignant Universe

Look to the heavens,
A terror of impossible form
The sky fills with teeth
Gaping maw, encircling

All-encompassing void,
Stretching impossibly wide
To consume and destroy
Swallowing the globe—
Leaving organs and entrails
Floating in space

Abhorrent, irreverent
Deserve this fate: all of you do
Life lived for nothing—
Nothing is what you will become

Abhorrent worlds
Crushed to dust by titanic forces

Denied, the will
To evolve, and prevail
Unified, at last, in death

Plenary, the outcome of existence
Cessation of all biological functions
Predation, gnashed to death by jaws infinite
Devoured whole—digesting forever in purgatory

We tried so hard to find
Equality and peace
Throughout our specious existence

Now look at us, after all
Combined and alike
Equal as one fucking piece of shit
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