Now--as at all times--I can see in the mind's eye,
The pale and unsatisfied

Catharasis, renewing, societies cleansing
Time cycles concentrically…
Ancient, unseen, observers appear

Thy God is thy Devil, holy verses inverted
Monastic polarity—
Death Cult Idolatry

Controlling entity, malformed and vehement—
A formless behemoth
Magi Arcanum—Effigies of Humanity

The materialistic fool, worships minerals and jewels—
A race of subservience

Time and space fluctuate,
At it's crux, they who illuminate—Cosmic Cohesion
Nameless, ageless,
Emperors from The Above

Thy Devil is thy God, holy verses inverted,
Abhorrent revelry—
Death Cult Idolatry

Now for the first time, I can see in it's true light—
The Eye of Omnipotence

Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image,
Worship your constructed god,
And hold no false idol before it

As below reflects above,
The Devil is God, in reverse manifest
Aggregate, we are as one
Divided by our own concepts


The New World is born
Resurrect the Order of the Golden Dawn


Machinate, ye entities, and control the world
Ascend, and dominate their minds
Destruction through equilibrium
Arcanum of life—rescind

Machinate to control the world
Violate and subjugate their lives
Reincarnate in equilibrium
Arcanum of life, align
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Divine Invasion Lyrics

Invidiosus – Divine Invasion Lyrics