Unseen, control of the mind
Unnoticed, unimportant, unconscious
Taken away from reality

Your focus (deluded and dim)
Your life, monotonous
Wasting away year after year,
Unable to see the bars of your cell

Hegemony, around the world
Decaying, destroying, our culture
Obeyed without question, for nothing we stand

As the majority sits idly by,
The freedom we have left continues to decline
The few at the top, enforce total control
Global command, enslaving us all

Minds turned to mush,
We drone on thoughtlessly
Myopic brains, conditioned to obey
Of purpose; devoid!

A race comprised of slaves,
Our masters are unseen!
Dying day by day, our souls, they desiccate
Organic androids

Pacing the room, your mind confused
Rebellion in you
Others you find, defiant to serve
A plan composed:

To hold hostage the globe, dismantle control
Humanity's last chance

Hurtling through the sky, warheads fly
The apocalypse surrounds, the world and all life soon to be incinerated
Disillusioned with their lives, ready to die,
Sewing destruction all around: rebels demand world leaders to be delivered

Something gone awry, no reply,
The missiles continue on their course, no remorse
To never live another fucking day

The world hold it's breath, every eye on the warheads raining down
They strike the ground, and at last an end to our existence is


Sky raining down; Armageddon is on top of me
A future vast, in nothingness forevermore
Unjust existence, nullified in a millisecond
Utter life, destroyed

All in all to come and everything that ever was
Abrogated, stamping out our worthless lives
A moment in time indefinitely immortalized
The sum of our existence, ending in oblivion

Terminal, voided soul
Infernal, intestate, inanimate
Drifting through planes of reality

Your focus (defunct and extinct)
Your life, exanimate
Wasted away, year after year
Unable to depart, your self-imposed hell

Launched into eternity
Condemned, cinerary, commorient
In adamantine chains, shall death be bound

Joining the majority in release
Eradication, infinite peace
For the soulless at last grasp
Departed from life, now they have passed

Minds turned to mush,
We droned on thoughtlessly
With nothing left we are extinct!
Dead and gone, all traces erased
Existence: Moribund

The human race now nothing but a memory
Foolish sentiments, suicidal civilization!
Dead and gone, released into oblivion:
All life, destroyed
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A Specious Existence Lyrics

Invidiosus – A Specious Existence Lyrics