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U Wanna Be Lyrics

Inspectah Deck – U Wanna Be Lyrics

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
There comes a time when you'll be stripped of your stripes
Take away the accolades, and look yourself in the face, you know
No lactose, just a reality dose
We keep it true, yeah, yo

[Hook: Inspectah Deck]
You wanna be large, you wanna be hard
You wanna be God, you're not quite
You wanna be thugs, you wanna be Bloods
You wanna be loved, is that right?
You wanna be friends, you wanna be him
You wanna be them, you act like
You wanna be live, you wanna be fly
You wanna be high, I gotta be me

[Inspectah Deck]
Born July 6th, 3: 23
With a finger for the world up in front of me
Had the gall, had a ball, but ain't have shit
Played the hall, played some ball, average black kid
With a passion to live and see the lands
Without sacrificin' my soul or meet demands
I strive for what I live for, me and my Clan
And searched for provocative plans to feed the Fam
This is no act or mirage, never rocked a corsage
Spanned the globe on roam, nobody God
See everybody's a thug, everybody sold drugs
Everybody rocked an ice cold mug
Most killas I know, is either six feet below
Or lost in the system, doin' years in the hole
It's the changin' of the God, witness the move
But your feet not big enough to fit in my shoes, nigga


[Inspectah Deck]
Far from the inventor, like Notorious said
But I'm quick to pull my sword and it's off with your head
I never was a dick rider, you never see me try to
Be like that dude, soft, plus, he wack too
Put the money on wood, make it all good
Then make arrangements, I'm bringin' my hood
Pushin' four wheel motion with the sounds and tints
In suspense, ya'll snake eyes bounce off the tents
See, they rent cars and jewels to fool you
In the video, actin' like, that's how they really flow
But only a low percentage know
Only five every hundred make dough, they say so
Oh, you got a rollie plus a six point o
But no, you're not authentic, you're just for show
Lookin' for the next free ride to latch on
In the short amount of time, watch the world catch on that


[Inspectah Deck]
And that's who I be
Money back guarantee, if it's not quality
This here's official, if not, I wouldn't hit you
I gotta be true, I take offense to the issue
Not your typical rituals I chant
Givin' the chance, watch it rain like an Indian dance
State it like Abe, at Gettysburg, bet he's heard
Through galaxies, aliens stuck on every word
Livin' legend, veteran known to set trend
Flex powers on the mic, like the X-Men
Destined to hit the hall of fame, quick
But ya'll kick the same lame shit
Kick 'em in the groin, for playin' both sides of the coin
Now who will be the next click you join
I stand on my own two feet, truly unique
That's the difference between you and me, you wanna be

[Hook 2X]
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