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Shorty Right There Lyrics

Inspectah Deck – Shorty Right There Lyrics

[Intro: Streetlife (Inspectah Deck)]
Yo, what's poppin' off out here son?
Yo, hold up, I think that's my baby mama on the phone
Damn, yo, hold on, yo hold on for a second
Yo, man, you see shorty right there (look at shorty right there)
Yo, I'mma call you back in a second, aight?

Yo, excuse me Miss Thang with your nose ring
The way your body swing, you make a nigga wanna sing
I can tell by the bling-bling, you like the finer things
And you highly motivated by what money brings
You got a dope fetish, attitude to go get it
A little athletic, no need for cosmetics
A little bowlegged, street smarts and good credit
You got the best part, that's why you actin' hard headed
It's a man's world, baby girl, don't forget it
But what's a thug without his ladybug, I must respect it
I know a woman's worth, ladies come first
I'm the Sun, you're the Earth, mother of the universe
I know what you like, you go for the street type
Who keep the g tight, and hit the G-spot right
I just might, call my wife
Tell her "Baby, I'm not comin' home tonight"

[Chorus: Streetlife (Inspectah Deck) {both}]
Damn (yo look at shorty right there) nah, look at shorty right there
{I need you in my life, girl, girl}
(Yo look at shorty right there) nah, look at shorty right there
(Look at shorty right there) damn
{In my life, my life}

[Inspectah Deck]
Yeah, checkin' baby girl with the wavy curls
Precious lady pearl in the shady world
Please to meet you, your dress fit as if see through
Niggas treat you like royalty and dream to freak you
Diva in your own right, keep your home right
Bad bitch with the switch, let's trip the strobe lights
Tight with the Power-you, I'll devour you
Everything about you, make me scout you
No doubt, boo, make me fiend for a taste
Your hot like a fireplace, shows in your face
Now, come out the closet, baby girl, it's safe
Just a taste, of s**, lies and videotape
Let's skate, but late on the way, sound clever
Drinkin' brown leather, she down for whatever
We he call tomorrow, that's the question asked
Call it love at first sight, til the next one pass like


Look at shorty right there, with the six-pack
Lookin' like a fruit snack with the shoe strapped to her knee caps

[Inspectah Deck]
Look at shorty right there in the blue Range
With the two bangs, high in the eye, she's a true dame

Nah, look at shorty right there, with the mini skirt
With pink finky shirt, the way her body jerk make my jimmy hurt

[Inspectah Deck]
Nah, shorty right there, the amazon
Six foot three, with the glasses on, built for a marathon

Look at shorty right there with the big hips (where?)
With the group of chicks, aiyo, lady who ya'll rollin' wit?

[Inspectah Deck]
Shorty right there, with the white dude
In the sky blue, knowin' she fly, friend is right too...
Look at shorty right there!
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