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It's Like That Lyrics

Inspectah Deck – It's Like That Lyrics

[Intro: DJ Kay Slay]
Yeah, this that brand new Rebel I.N.S., back on the set
This shit is off the dial, Shaolin Style, better hold on to something

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, S.I.N.Y. and what
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low, head or gut
Yes, us, Lexus and next trucks
Flesh plush, land plus, extras
Cess, dust, whatever get you messed up
Test us, get crushed, next up
Better luck, we takin' off with jet thrust
Under pressure, they can't take the head rush
Talk to me, go and take the walk through me
Or yours truly, will screw you like a tour groupie
War duty, after I'mma call Suzy
Tall cutie, she'll do me like a porn movie
I burn thousand degrees, nothin' match me
You think you out of my league, now how can that be?
Son, you follow my lead, playin' the back seat
Ya'll ride dicks like a taxi, it's like that
Here we go..

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
I roll fat, holdin' a stash (it's like that)
Home girl, blowin' my jack (like that)
We boys in the mist of the noise (it's like that)
We big boys whippin' them toys (like that)
We up late, runnin' from jake (like that)
And still got money to make (it's like that)
From now until we finish the game (like that)
The world gonna cherish the name (it's like that)

[Inspectah Deck]
Downtown blowin' my sound, blew out your Alpines
Feel me, I did it for dough, this ain't about rhymes
Cash on delivery, not leavin' without mines
Face tried to powder my shine, it's about time
To politic, poppin' the clip, bust off the hot shit
Holler this, monstrous hit, and stop ya gossip
I rep, what you expect, I took a set back
Crept back, nursin' my wounds, lookin' for get back
Forced to bring the pain, make 'em say my name
Rings have changed, shinin' like I'm Ving Rhames
Or King James, hustlin', I sling game
Sting lames, this money makin' things change
I bless heads, push past the full macs
Left for dead, raised by the wolf packs
Black hoods, leathers with the wool hats
Draw blood, don't even pull gats, it's like that

[Interlude: DJ Kay Slay]
Aiyo, ya'll better kick your shoes off
And come on in!


[Interlude: DJ Kay Slay]
Aiyo, this is all for my Metro card, one dollar cab niggaz
Niggaz who walk here, and all the ladies who stood on line in the rain
With the bouncers who let the thugs slide, come on, come on..

[Inspectah Deck]
The streets watch, ya'll gon get ya teeth knocked
The heats hot, bustin' til the beef stop
Preach not, our goal is to reach the top
Knees drop, I light it up and clean shop
Built with better design, clever mind
Verbal tech 9, light years, ahead of my time
And I, walk with, criminals who talk shit
We talk business, the blocks is our office
Many have come, few that could walk this
Roam too far, catch static like a cordless
I'm off this, pimpin' a broad, beyond gorgeous
Gettin' lost, dippin' in twin Porsches, it's like that
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Songwriters: Carlton N Thomas, Dave West, David Jolicoeur, Kelvin Mercer, Vincent Mason
It's Like That lyrics © Exploration Group LLC, JELLYBEAN MUSIC GROUP, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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