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Somethin' Ta Ride To Lyrics

Injury Reserve – Somethin' Ta Ride To Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ritchie With a T]
We are, the definition of what you want
Or what you need, sometimes its different but that's not your fault
You see why you walking down the street
With this night pondering upon your destiny
What's your recipe?
Ours is funky lyrics, baselines, and nothing less
Flows that rearrange times and hit your chests
Hip hop's been injured, but far from dead
And that's the stupid truth, get it in your head
I-R is all we really is
The injured cats from the block but can't complain brothers really dead
Condolence to my opponents
Nonchalantly spitting the stuff that y'all be quoting
I know you haven't felt nothing like this in a millisecond
A brother's finna kill a record
My heart spills to Dilla drums
But I stay alive from these vibes
That my niggas love, come on now

[Hook: Ritchie With a T & Stepa J Groggs] (x2)
It's something to ride to it
If you wanna vibe to it
Then go and just ride to it
You know that I rhyme fluent
So when you just ride to it
Remember it's my music

[Verse 2: Stepa J Groggs]
Have you ever been lyrically photobombed
No more words only rap my verses with emojicons
Now-a-days raps too emo G to stay calm
These are street ball rules ignore the foul and play on
Our shit's too def let it jam and play on
Maybe you need a aid to hear
If what I'm saying isn't clear (clear)
No flat line or defibrillator
We originators not imitators
Laugh at this whack music because it entertains us
You better brace yourself because you can't retain us
You know hold back, that's something that I never do on the track
And the pace my mind runs I can't get outran or lapped
A lover and a fighter, an alcoholic and a writer
I hope you heard this and get inspired
Don't forget there's no fire without I-R

[Hook] (2x)

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