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Last Vowel Lyrics

Injury Reserve – Last Vowel Lyrics

[Verse 1: Ritchie With a T]
They ask me “Hey brotha how u doin”
I give the response that your supposed to answer with
And that's the- you know it's never the truth
Especially when you a starving artist and these beats is your cancer sticks
You got a beat I can dismantle it
Manifest with a flow meltin your favorite record on wax like candle stick
Whack emcees you know they can't handle it
But the honest truth is I can't either
Got a bunch of what if questions in my head
Like what if me and my father patched up our relationship before he was dead
How would things be different
What kind of person would I be instead
All I got is a bunch a texts I already read
And some I never answered to
A selfish and angry individual who told himself that his hands were full
But you know they had a pen and a pad an excuse or two
Now all I got is this name I was given by you

[Verse 2: Stepa J Groggs]
What's in a name, that which we call a rose
By any other name would it smell as sweet
So you telling me if my mom never adopted me
I would of grew up on them Chi-town streets
And there would be no Stepa, no J Groggs
I never think about this cause it never really hurts you see
No animosity to the woman that gave birth to me
I ain't mad at you, it actually worked out perfectly
Even though I got a big brother that I'll never get to meet or know
But I just keep it moving, guess that's what feet are for
I should really thank you, life for me has been beautiful
And I hope for you the same is true
I'm sure giving up a child is the hardest thing to do
Just know that I keep you in my prayers too
And I'll always be thankful for this name that wasn't given by you

[Bridge: Stepa J Groggs]
Heard this beat and I thought of you
I heard this beat and I thought of you
Heard this beat and I thought of you
(oh oh oh oh)
I thought of you
I heard this beat and I thought of you
Heard this beat and I thought of you
(oh oh oh oh)

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