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Bad Boys 3 Lyrics

Injury Reserve – Bad Boys 3 Lyrics

(I can't live my, I, I can't live my)
(I can't live my, I, I can't live my)
I can't live my, I, I can't live my
I can't live my life this way)

[Verse 1: Steppa J. Groggs]
I went from niggas telling me I really shouldn’t rhyme
To dropping a classic album motherfuckers couldn’t find
Bad boy like Will and Martin in ’95
Bad boy, I’m Isiah Thomas in his prime
Yeah, you know it’s Mr. Lackadaisical
Corny motherfucker but my voice sounds amazing though
Shit y’all trying to do, we done done days ago
Chilling in the desert, but you can tell The Bay’s my home
Ya my name is Step and I probably need like twelve of those
Black Tee, A’s fitted, chinos and some shell toes
Been nice since I was wearing baggy ass girbauds
Use to rhyme my shit on The Bart headed to the ‘Sco
All this time passed, feeling better than before
Gone for a minute, falling off hell no
I’m telling y’all that’ll be the day that hell froze
Ya I’m telling y’all that’ll be the day that hell froze

[Verse 2: Ritchie with a T]
Check it, yo, motherfuck the police
We the new Bad Boys, but that’s a different story
Groggsie might go he drinking 40 after 40
But if I’m goin out I hope I’m going like I’m Kobe
Wassup (yeah), man we look like rap Weezer
But if you think it’s all hooks, bring back “Ether”
Stunting all season, got to floss often
Man I’m dressed like Carlton
I’m the black Ben Carson
Wassup, Jesus Christ had dreads so shake 'em
I ain’t got none cause I cut them off, that was dumb
I had to do it like fuck it
The white girls were always like, “Can I touch it?”
Wassup, oh shit, break your neck
This that Busta Bust ’02 chase a check
This that Belly shit, bald fade demand respect
Balotelli shit, I got it but couldn’t give two shits, wassup
I can skate on this
I stay on my Ps and Qs like I came from Figg
Got it down to the T cause my name’s legit
Killing it since Motorola Razors paper thin

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