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Don Cuummoney Lyrics

$ILKMONEY – Don Cuummoney Lyrics

Chase the chicken and stop the chicken-chasin
Been so long since my last supper its like the dinner sacred
Fuck the top I wanna be under nigga I been the basement
? Grazed him and gave him 10 stripes like pairs of k swiss
We back to basic shit what's the nicest way I could say this
Got up to play this my dick the hammer and Ima spray clips
Remember days when we were kings and queens now it seems
Everything changed when we went from slave ships to working grave shifts
Listen I did the math it was worth more than I signed for
They didn't equate that I was worth my weight in all dimes so
Knew I was clean but didn't know my blood type was Pine Sol
If you made me then make another me or go find more
This Don Cuummoney nigga I hate to kill my own people
So don't make me have to body niggas then be considered a equal evil
As one of my counterfigures beneath these blue streets you could be
Just for the wrong subscription
Or just for painting a larger picture so you a target nigga
That's how it is and you could get spilt
I swear the game will never be the same since they killed nip
Only time you ever been in the field was on a field trip
So I can't blame you if you say you don't feel this lil bitch
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